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Frequently Asked Questions:

† How do I play songs?

There is alphabetical order, like A B C, below header. See the picture below:

You have to click on the alphabet that fall under your favourite singerís name, for example, if you want to play Aruna Lamaís song, click on A,  and all singers list whose name start from A will list on right side of page. See the picture below.

You now have to select singers, for example Click Aruna Lama. All the songs that sang by Aruna Lama will be listed on middle section giving you option to tick multiple songs. See the picture below:

You now can tick multiple songs that you want to play, or click the button call Select All which is located at bottom of page. See the picture below:

Now click Create Playlist, this will create single ready to play song. Once you click Create Playlist, all tick songs will be untick automatically and new button called Play Songs will appear, click that to play song. See the picture below.


Can I create Play list now and play later?

No, at the moment, we do not have that option. If you create playlist and didnít play immediately, that may over right by another visitorís play list.  This will not happen once we introduce personalise option where you can login, create play list and save for later use.


Do you have any plan to make personalise section?

Yes, as we said above, we are working on personalise section where visitors can login, Create Playlist from multiple singer, save and play later from anywhere in the world.


Is there MP3 version of  nepalisong.net ?

Not at the moment. Wishes  is unlimited but World is small. We hope we will have MP3 version of nepalisong.net very soon.


Can I join the Team?

Yes, everyone is welcome to join nepalisong.net team. Please send email to info@nepalisong.net .


I have more questions that is not listed here, what do I do?
We always welcome comments/feedback. Please use our feedback form to send us your question, we will be happy to answer your query, we will also list that question here in FAQ so that other visitor who may have similar question can benefit from this.


Thank you!




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